We are always here to serve you, take your time
“We believe that Catering is part Science, part Art but mostly Human Relations”
At CBCS, we believe in creating change believing that Catering is part Science, part Art but mostly Human Relations.
We do what small companies can’t; we do what big companies won’t; that’s our style.
A non-negotiation point for us, we strive http://xessay.com/thesis-writing/ to constantly provide the best. This includes our food, our staff, and the management of every element of our services.
We have grown only by references through word of mouth and have never lost a client. We form value-adding partnerships, rather than being a one-off service provider.
We focus on building trust through complete transparency essaywriter24.com/term-paper-writing in all aspects of our operations, all of which are performed at the highest standards.
Our Extensive, Reliable and 24×7 logistical support allows us to cater at very short notice during and despite natural disasters, strikes or riots, or for more soothing and happy occasions such as spontaneous parties and
In order to remain in our position of providing the best services and products to our customers, we are constantly developing our offerings. Bowing to Customer needs, we now cater to Banquets, Parties & Events. We are leading the Restaurant and QSR market with a unique offering of Fun Dining with our restaurant brand “MeSoHappi” We are constantly on top of the latest offerings in terms of technology and supply chain management.
The backup of the diversified group activities of the Arambhan Group with its network of infrastructure, networking and logistical skills among port and customs authorities gives us an edge. We can deliver what others cannot.